Wednesday Recipe: Veggie Power Juice

Remember how Popeye would drain a can of spinach and half a second later his muscles would begin to bulge? Think of this recipe as your own can of spinach. While your muscles may not instantly grow to three times their size, your body will surely experience a nutritious surge. Yield: 2 servings Here’s what you need… 1 cup packed … Continued

Wednesday Recipe! Freezer Fudge

Freezer Fudge Recipe Submitted By Melissa Kavanaugh Nutritional Specialist.   Freezer Fudge Makes About 64 1” Square Pieces (About ¾” Thick) Ingredients: 2 cups raw almond butter (one 16 oz jar) ¼ cup raw cacao powder ½ cup agave nectar 1 heaping tablespoon coconut butter 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1 teaspoon coarse sea salt Directions: In a large bowl, combine … Continued

Fastest Chicken Stir fry

Fastest Chicken Stir Fry Think you don’t have enough time to cook a healthy meal? Think again. This healthy and delicious chicken stir fry takes only minutes to make. Instead of chopping the vegetables yourself, this recipe calls for pre-chopped ingredients found in the produce section of your grocery store. Skip the take out line tonight and try this recipe … Continued

Appearance on Money for Lunch

I had my Muffin-top program featured on Money for Lunch with Host Bert Martinez on February 15, 2013.  My segment on the show starts at the 26 minute mark.  Listen to the show below and find out why I hate New Year’s resolutions! Listen to internet radio with MoneyForLunch on Blog Talk Radio

Yummy Fruit Salad

How do you get your family to eat better! As a fitness coach I am always looking for inspiration and ways to get clients to eat well.  Recently, I have heard the the wiggles Fruit Salad song at various venues, playing with my 2 year old Grace, including Mount Laurel’s Kid Junction. The song is infectious so you are warned … Continued

Return of the Fitness MAC

South Jersey fitness expert revives Q&A A General Fitness  Blog Post by Darren Garland     After creating South Jersey’s premier fitness studio I realized that I have been neglecting my job of giving out great fitness content.  The job of helping people get in shape and Transforming their lives I take serious, but unfortunately not everyone is able to … Continued

Survive the holidays and and bring a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters

Survive The Holidays 21-day rapid fat loss bootcamp Emerge Fitness Center has just teamed up with Toys for Tots to bring fitness and charity together. …I’ve crafted a new 21-day rapid fat loss bootcamp that also brings joy to underprivileged kids.. … If you want to get in shape and give to a great charity, the 21-day rapid fat loss … Continued

Where’s the Local Beef?

Two Local Businesses Unite To Offer Clients Healthy Alternatives   Mt. Laurel, NJ – America is known as the land of plenty; and the subject of food certainly fits that description. The amount of mass produced food in this country is matched only by its citizens’ voracious levels of consumption. As the populations’ overall health seems to be on the … Continued

Food reduction is not always good…

Mount Laurel Personal Trainer wants people to see the whole picture. I am a scientist by education so I see the value of scientific method but I think we have reached a point in time where we are missing the keys to success.  The food pyramid reduces what we eat into parts and we see how successful it has been … Continued

The Danger of Fast Food

Some of the hidden and not-so-hidden dangers of fast food. Fast food is fast, easy, and relatively cheap. But you probably know it’s not the best for your family. Well, you’re right. In fact, fast food is some of the worst stuff you can feed your spouse and kids – especially if it’s on a regular basis. Where do the … Continued